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“Why JFK Had To Die,” New Novel by Bob Dorff, waiting for publisher’s decision.

August 23, 2010

“After the breakfast meeting in Fort Worth, Air Force One
will take the President to Dallas for a motorcade through the
city then a luncheon at The Trade Mart. Win Lawson’s been in
Dallas since the fourth doing the advance work. Dave Grant got
there a couple days ago to give him a hand.”

As Rowley continued Agent Hill sitting next to Agent Ready
nudged him in the ribs with his elbow and whispered:
“Lawson’s never done a survey before. Wonder why Rowley
chose him?”

Chief Rowley’s orientation droned on. “The Dallas office
doesn’t expect any trouble. But picketers spat on Ambassador
Stevenson in Dallas recently and hit him on the head with a picket.
Governor Connally told me people there are very emotional. We
must take every precaution.” The Chief paused and looked at his
men. “Any questions?”

Lots of murmurs, but no questions.

The new novel by Bob Dorff, “Why JFK Had To Die,”  zeroes in on how the Secret Service,  motivated by LeMay, Lemnitzer, Dulles, and Angelton, stripped Kennedy of his protection, opening the door for the killers to assassinate  JFK.  How they controlled the autopsy to produce a report that created the “three shots, lone gunman theory.” The  conspiracy proceeded only after Johnson and Hoover already assured the conspirators of protection from accountability.

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